This property is a holiday home for my partner and I but we want you to enjoy it as well. We love it - and think you will too! I am London-based and have taken early retirement after 30 years working as a CEO of a charitable campaigning organisation. My aim now - job if you like - is to do my best to make your holiday enjoyable and to appreciate why we crave to be here as much as possible. I am confident you will not be disappointed. Contact me for further information. I want to answer any questions you may have.

When did you purchase the property?

Why did you choose a home in this location?
Why do I like Morocco? The openness of this close, friendly Islamic country (home to Berbers and Arabs), the unspoilt gracefulness of its people and landscape, its excellent wines and varied cultures were simply irresistible. To say nothing of its art and architecture, of which the riad is a modest example. I still can't believe my luck! Why not see if you agree with me? The riad is home for me when in Marrakesh (my main home is in London). It is a delightful alternative to identikit and impersonal hotels. It is proving to be a very popular destination for those looking for a family-friendly and private holiday, backed-up with personal service from me. The riad is spacious and ideal for those wanting a quiet holiday - within easy reach of mountains and coast - only 3 hours from London.

What are the unique benefits of the property?
You will be both as close to and as far away from the centre of life in the heart of Marrakesh as you wish. Leave the riad and immediately enter the earthiness, vibrancy and colours of a world that has been largely unaltered for hundreds of years; return and you are in an oasis of authentic, tasteful tranquility where you do exactly what you want, when you want it, secure in a safe, quiet home surrounded by all you need. Eat in, or eat out. Drink sweet tea, admirable local wine or smoothies made from the wide variety of local fruits. Ask the manager to arrange a massage or tour. Visit a hamman. Curl up and watch DVDs, listen to CDs, read (there is a small library) or plan an excursion. The feedback consistently says I have been very lucky to attract amiable, helpful managers and staff.